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YANHIK Communications is the pioneer in Design & Development of Manufacturing FRP (Fiber Glass) Satellite Dish Antenna and solutions of Satellite Communications Systems.


Girian Satcomm has more than 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing of series of satellite antenna systems for domestic and commercial purposes, providing wider choice of customer in brand name of YANHIK. YANHIK antenna adopts glass fiber material with light weight and high strength features; also with good performance of cross polarization discrimination, low sidelobe and high efficiency. It is convenient to do the assembly and disassembly and simple to do the adjustment, one person can finish assembly and disassembly within 30 minutes. Some reflectors are consisted of several panels, which can reduce the collection volume and easy transportation.

The antenna series diameters range from 38x70cm, 94x104cm, 1.22m, 1.52m, 1.84m, 2.00m, 2.44m, 3.00m, 3.68m, 4.26m, 6.00m, coupled with azimuth/elevation king post pedestals, offering the stiffness and pointing accuracy as the good choice for customer.

Both the RF and Mechanical specifications of the antennas can meet the requirements of different individuals; many of them are being operated in different networks. For better protection against corrosion, all the steel parts of the antenna structures are painted synthetically as to ensure 5-year operation with regular maintenance and necessary replacements. The standard designed azimuth over elevation pedestal provides a cost-effective solution for high stiffness and stability, full orbital arc coverage and fine drive performance, and ensures the pointing accuracy.

Our company conducts full-process quality control from design, fabrication to product issue so as to assure on-time delivery and as-perfect-as-possible after sale service. Thus the number of customers and the market demand of our products, are on the rise year by year. It is widely and ideally useable for Broadcasters, Service Providers, GSM operator, Satellite operator, Military and Government Agencies, FreeLands or Rescue Organizations service and Satisfaction: At present our company has established a good brand and enterprise image; we have set up solid customer foundation and perfect sales network, our products have been widely spread in many other countries and regions. Thus the number of customers and the market demand of our products, are on the rise year by year.


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